You can place an order with us and have it shipped directly to your client. This is a great option if your salon is closed or inaccessible. These instructions are for shopping online at or in our mobile app. If you want to order over the phone, give us a call at 888.973.7546.

Things to consider...

  • The credit card must be under your name and not your client's. We cannot accept payment from your client.
  • You must select Ship Directly To My Client as the shipping method when checking out. This makes sure the customer does not see pricing on the invoice.


  1. Add all of the items to your cart.
  2. Start the checkout process.
  3. Change the Shipping Address to your client's address.
  4. Select the shipping method Ship Directly To My Client. (If you do not select this shipping method, your customer will see wholesale pricing.)
  5. That's it! We will then pick, pack and ship the order to your client.

Note: It will be up to you how you decide to get payment from your customer. Some options to consider are Venmo, Square, and Paypal.

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