Getting Set Up

Once your salon is set up to start selling retail online, you’ll want to start promoting it and talking about it with your clients. First, grab the link to your online store.

Next, use this link and these steps below to help promote your custom-branded online store:

On Your Website

Add your online store on your salon’s website by linking to a “Shop Now” or “Online Store” or “Online Boutique” button. Also, create a “New Online Store” banner on your website’s homepage to get your clients excited.

Through Emails

Send a free introductory mass email using your Client Connect marketing tool within your SI account.Include the link to your online store inviting clients to shop. Simply activate Client Connect to utilize all the marketing offers. Be sure to send regular email reminders and include your store link in newsletters and promotions.

In Salon Signage

Create signage in your salon announcing your store. Be sure to include your online store link or create a scannable QR code, so clients have easy access.

Through Competition

If you have salon staff, incentivize your team through competition. For example: offer free education to the stylist who has reached the highest online sales for the month. Or, on social media, run a contest to see who can secure the most likes.

Approaching Staff

If you own a salon and have staff, have a conversation with your team about the importance of selling retail — not just to outline the opportunity for earning commissions but to address the needs of your clients. They desperately want your advice, and it’s your team’s obligation as salon professionals to offer it. Also, recommending retail is great for client retention. Studies have shown that when a client purchases products from their stylist, they are three times more likely to refer a friend. Also, a new client is three times more likely to return, and repeat clients who consistently purchase products from their stylist will remain a client three times longer.

Approaching the Client

Whether you are an independent stylist or a salon owner, start the conversation about your new online store with some of these best practices when face-to-face with your clients.

  1. Introduce your new online store while clients are in the waiting room before their appointment.Direct the client to your online store on their phone, or consider having tablets in the salon so they can browse and watch videos about products while they wait.
  2. While your client’s color is processing, have them pull up your store on their own phone and help them add the products you recommend for the proper home care of their color service.While waiting, they can review the products and even watch videos that confirm your recommendations.
  3. When styling the client's hair, explain what you are using and help your client add the products to their cart. Your client can purchase the products then and there, or go home and watch videos and review the order.

When it comes to approaching clients about your new store, practice makes perfect. If you’re a solo artist, ask a friend to stand in as a client while you try different ways of stating things. If you’re a salon, roleplay with your staff the different ways of approaching the subject with clients. Have your team practice with each other first and make the experience a fun one for them. If you can get your team excited about recommending your salon’s online store, your business will be that much more successful.

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