Introducing online retail to clients should focus on the user experience. Your clients want the convenience of shopping online and now with your custom-branded online store. It’s fast and easy to use and is designed to make the user experience a pleasant one. Here are the main reasons for offering retail to your clients. 

  1. Customer loyalty & retention.
  2. Extending your service beyond the chair.
  3. Building sales through eCommerce.
  4. Building client loyalty through product recommendation.

To start the conversation about your salon’s new online store, consider some of these best practices to use when face to face with your salon clients. 

  1. Introduce your new online store while clients are in the waiting room before their appointment. Consider saying, "Hey, while you're waiting, we just introduced a new online store. Let me show you.” Next, direct the client to the online store on their phone, so they can browse and watch videos about products while they wait.
  2. While the client’s color is processing, offer them a magazine and/or beverage and say, "Have you seen our new online boutique?" Have them pull up the site on their own device and tell them, "We can add all the products I use for you today in your shopping cart. Then you can check out what you are running low on at home or learn more about the products I would recommend for your hair."
  3. During the blow dry have the client log into the salon’s eCommerce store, explain the products you used/using and the benefits.  Have them fill up their shopping cart as you explain. You can even get them to check out right there and then.
  4. Before the client leaves, have your receptionist check the client’s cart. They can say, "Did your stylist get you set up on our new online boutique? (if yes) Were there any products you wanted to leave with today?" If the client says no, remind them that they can order anytime from the online store and have the products sent directly to their home.

Roleplay with your staff the different ways of approaching the subject with clients. Have your team practice on each other first and make the experience a fun one for them. If you can get your team excited about selling online, your store will be that much more successful.  

Happy retailing!

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